Welcome to µDTN

µDTN is an open-source Bundle Protocol Implementation for Contiki OS running on low-power wireless sensor nodes such as INGA.

We moved the documentation to our gitlab project.


  • Wireless communication via IEEE 802.15.4
  • Tailored for Contiki OS, making use of protothreads and events
  • Handles bundles in Compressed Bundle Header Encoding (RFC 6260)
  • Bundles can be stored in
    • Flash using the COFFEE file system (persistent)
    • RAM using Contiki's MMEM mechanism (fast)
  • Node Discovery is done using the IP Neighbour discovery format (IPND)
  • Routing is done via a modified version of flooding
  • Multiple protothreads can register endpoints
  • EID groups are supported
  • Interoperability with IBR-DTN on Linux
  • Runs on many Contiki platforms, tested are INGA and T-Mote Sky
  • Bundle Status Reports
  • Ongoing tests via Continuous Integration: https://jenkins.ibr.cs.tu-bs.de/jenkins/view/uDTN/
  • Bundle Age Block
  • More Details can be found in the 2012 FSGN Paper


Our publications regarding uDTN and related topics are listed on the project homepage.

Citing uDTN

If you use uDTN in your research, please cite us. A bibtex entry for the most recent paper regarding uDTN can be found here.

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