Status of TinyOS for INGA

There is currently some effort in porting TinyOS to INGA and implementing low-level drivers. See here and here for details.

Also, see this page for a functional TinyOS port. Have a look at this matrix to see the currently implemented features:

Category Feature Implementation Status Tested Test? Remarks
Basic Printf, serial, etc. support "master" Yes Yes ???
rtimer ???
etimers ???
ctimers ???
muDTN No
Button Sensor "master" Yes Yes ???
Acceleratormeter Sensor "master" Yes Yes ???
Gyroscope Sensor "master" No
Air Pressure Sensor "master" Yes Yes ???
Radio Sensor "master" Yes Yes ???
Power Sensor
ADC support ???
I2C support "master" Yes Yes ???
SPI support "master" Yes Yes ???
SD support
Data Storage
Coffee on AT45DB flash chip No
Coffee on SD Card No
FAT on AT45DB flash chip No
FAT on SD Card No
Energy Mgmt
Low Power Mode ???
Linux Manual "master" Yes Yes ???
Linux Automatic ???
OS X Manual ???
OS X Automatic ???
Windows Manual ???
Windows Automatic ???
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