Status of Contiki for INGA

Contiki OS is currently being ported to the INGA platform. While we have many things running already, some things are still Work in Progress. Please have a look at the following table to see which features are implemented and tested.

Category Feature Implementation  Status Tested  Test? Remarks
Basic Printf, serial, etc. support  "master" Yes  Yes  ???
 rtimer "master" Yes
 etimers "master" Yes Yes ???
 ctimers "master" Yes Yes ???
uIPv6 "master" Yes Yes
uIPv6 Routing
 Rime "master" Yes Yes
Radio Auto Ack and Retransmit WiP
Contiki MAC Support
muDTN special repository georg/inga-port WiP Yes WiP (see Jenkins)
Button Sensor "master" Yes Yes ???
Acceleratormeter Sensor "master" Yes Yes
Gyroscope Sensor "master" Yes Yes
Air Pressure Sensor "master" Yes Yes
Radio Sensor "master" Yes Yes ???
Power Sensor
ADC support "master" Yes ???
I2C support "master" Yes Yes ???
SPI support "master" Yes Yes ???
SD support
Data Storage
Coffee on AT45DB flash chip "master" Yes  Yes
Coffee on SD Card "master" Yes Yes
FAT on AT45DB flash chip "master" Yes
FAT on SD Card "master" Yes
Node ID "georg/addressfilter-byteorder-fix" Yes Yes ???
Energy Mgmt
Low Power Mode No
Contikis Energy Estimation
Linux Manual "master" Yes  Yes ???
Linux Automatic "daniel/inga-improvements" Yes  Yes ???
OS X Manual "master" Yes  Yes ???
OS X Automatic WiP   Unclear if possible due to OS X libusb issues
Windows Manual
Windows Automatic
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