INGA - Inexpensive Node for General Applications


This Wiki shall help you to get started with INGA. We assume you use the Contiki Operating System. INGA is Open-source Hardware and we provide Eagle-Files as well as Gerber-Files in the Download section. You can build your own INGA and you are allowed to modify the design if you like. In our design we have only used 2 layers, there is broad space between the pcb-tracks and the drilling holes are comparatively wide, thus, manufacturing should not be too expensive - and if you are an expert you can even solder it yourself. A detailed description of the node can be found in the hardware Section.


INGA's dimensions are 39 x 50 x 7 mm. INGA is based on the original Atmel AVR Raven Sensor Node and therefore is directly supported by Conitiki OS in it's basic functionality. We stripped some (in our opinion) useless stuff and added some more interesting sensors and functionality. See the Specifications-page for a more detailed overview.

Getting Started

To get started with INGA, you just need an USB cable and INGA. See the Getting Started section for further information.

Operating System Support


There is a Contiki port for the INGA platform available on GitHub (or here). You can have a look at the detailed implementation status at our Contiki page.


The INGA is not in RIOT’s master branch yet. However, you can use our fork[link] if you wish to use RIOT:

… implements the INGA sensor nodes (Green, White, Red & Blue)

… does not support PCINT (yet, as we wait for pull requests and

… is based on the latest version of RIOT (16th of August 2018)

… is a branch from inga-rc1

… implements IDEALVOLTING in case you want to use the REAPER platform (

… includes power management with pm_layered

Each INGA version differs in color. Below is a list which maps the colors to the different INGA Versions:

1.2 → INGA Green

1.4 → INGA White

1.5 → INGA with rounded corners

1.6 → INGA Red

1.6.1 → INGA Blue

You can find a simple example for radio communication here

If you have any problems with getting RIOT to work with INGA, please contact Robert Hartung at hartung@…


Additionally, there is a TinyOS port in development (see TinyOS).


Additional Hardware for INGA


Several code examples can be found in the examples/inga folder of our Contiki port.


All resources can be downloaded in the Download section.

Obtaining INGA

INGA sensor nodes will be made available for purchase at

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